KINHEY by Greyhound Cafe

Apr, 2018. Branding, Art Direction & Menu Design

KINHEY by Greyhound Cafe is a Modern Thai Street food Restaurant located in Heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The store concept is fun with a modern twist with a little hint Thai street style. This project was designed during my full-time as a senior communication designer in Greyhound cafe. 

Odyssey and Iliad Book covers

Apr, 2015. Book cover

The cover of Odyssey books vol. 1-5 display the encounter between Odysseus and Cyclops. While, Iliad books vol. 1-5 exhibit the Trojan War, where its portray Odysseus on a horse. The usage of copper color along with the incorporation of debossed on the cover clearly reveals the author intention of giving the book a refine and clean looks.

A5 Magazine MockUp_.jpg

Five is a balanced nutritious drinkable meal with complete nutrition your body needs. It is made from all trusted imported ingredients which can help you feeling full for hours. The visual identity pair a variety of font family with simple icons to give minimalistic look to the brand.